Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Serum electrolyte changes in pediatric patients stung by scorpions

Osnaya-Romero, N.J. M. Hernández, T.Basurto, G.Andrade, S.M. Figueroa, J.Carvajal, Y.S. Flores-Hernandez, S.

Scorpion sting is a health problem in some places of Mexico. The clinical manifestations of scorpion envenomation are variable and include metabolic alterations. Hyperkalemia is the most frequently reported metabolic alteration. We conducted a prospective, observational, descriptive and transversal study in an emergency room at Hospital del Niño Morelense, Mexico. Eighty-two patients were included and classified as mild (17%) moderate (33%) and severe (46%). The mean serum level of sodium was 146.4meq/l, standard deviation (SD) 5.58; potassium 3.86meq/l, SD 0.53, and calcium 9.55mg/dl, SD 0.76. We found 30.4% hypernatremia, 12% hypokalemia, 10.9% abdominal distension, and 14.6% visual alterations.

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