Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Loxosceles spider bite in Turkey (Loxosceles rufescens, Sicariidae, Araneae)

Yigit, N.Bayram, A.Ulasoglu, D.Danisman, T.Corak Ocal, I.Sancak, Z.

Loxoscelism is caused by envenomation by spiders that belong to the Loxosceles genus. In loxoscelism, a local necrotic lesion appears and, in many cases, loxoscelism or necrotic araneism is considered a serious public health problem. There is no diagnostic test available to help the physician make a diagnostic or therapeutic decision. Here, we report the case of a severe dermonecrotic araneism (loxoscelism) in Turkey probably due to the bite of Loxosceles rufescens. There was little erythema at the beginning, followed by severe necrosis after 20 days, and skin grafting was needed although the case was treated.

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