Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 119-122

Non-invasive monitoring of avian embryo heart rate

Andrianov, Evgenii AleksandrovichSudakov, Alexander NikolaevichAndrianov, Aleksei AleksandrovichSkolznev, Nikolay Yakovlevich

Non-invasive monitoring of the heart rate allowsmeasuring the condition of the chick embryo in the incubationprocess without negative consequences for the future chick.The optical method for registering heartbeats is available to awide range of incubation specialists and enables theregistration of the heart rhythm of a developing embryodirectly in an incubator. Long-term monitoring of the heartrate allows determining temperature regime compliance ofincubation and adjusting the egg cooling duration. Theexperimental results demonstrate the availability of themethod to a wide range of specialists. The results found in thepresent study reveal the possibilities of monitoring the heartrhythm of the developing chick embryo. A technique forspectral analysis of the waveforms of the embryo's heartactivity is proposed.(AU)

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