Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 56-61

Phenotypic characteristics of Indonesian native chickens

Rofii, AchmadSaraswati, Tyas RiniYuniwarti, Enny Yusuf Wachidah

This research aimed to describe the phenotypic characteristics of local hen varieties. The study sample consisted of twenty 18 week-old hens of the following types: Cemani, black Kedu, white Kedu, and Balinese (Olagan). They were randomly selected from the "Makukuhan" farm in Kedu Temanggung, Central Java Indonesia.The results, which were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) test, showed significant differences in the quantitative characteristics of body height, body length, and tarsometa tarsus length. No significant differences were found in wing length, beak length, femur length, tibiotarsus length, or body weight. Qualitative characteristics of Cemani hens differed from those of black Kedu, white Kedu, and Balinese (Olagan) hens because of their predominantly black body color.The black Kedu hens share similarities with the white Kedu hens in the colors of the tongue, comb, eyeballs, and soles of the feet. In contrast, their beak color and skin color are similar to those of the Balinese (Olagan) hens. The white Kedu hens have predominantly white feathers, and the Balinese (olagan) hens have neither comb nor neck feathers.(AU)

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