Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 52-55

Thermal conditioning in the broiler production: challenges and possibilities

Mascarenhas, Nágela Maria HenriqueCosta, Antonio Nelson Lima daPereira, Maria Leidiane LimaCaldas, Ana Carolina Alves deBatista, Luanna FigueirêdoGonçalves, Evyla Layssa

With the introduction of new technologies that lead to the development of new systems of poultry breeding, have been promoted to the animals better thermal comfort conditions. This lessens the great challenge for industrial poultry, with regard to aviary constructions, resulting in increased productivity. It is known that an animal in heat stress condition presents lower productive performance. A lower feed conversion caused by decreased feed intake is the main cause. Multidisciplinary studies have been developed seeking the deepening the needs and possibilities already available about these new systems. With this, this review seeks to approach in a didactic and simplified way the planning and construction of aviary sheds aiming to provide an suitable thermal conditioning for broiler accommodation.(AU)

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