Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 41-47

Feeding patterns, trophic structure and damming rivers effect: studies applied in freshwater environments in the Brazilian semi-arid region

Oliveira, Jônnata Fernandes deOliveira, Jean Carlos Dantas deNascimento, LouizeFernandes, Rogério Taygra VasconcelosNovaes, José Luis CostaPeretti, Danielle

The knowledge of the fish trophic structure has been outstanding for providing relevant information on the functioning of the ecosystem in which they are inserted, mainly in dammed environments of semiarid regions that suffer constant changes in the level of water, resulting in alterations, especially in the feeding of the fish due to the variation of the food resources throughout the year, causing changes in the diet of the local ichthyofauna. Within this context, the objective was to describe the trophic categories of fish species in freshwater environments of the Rio Grande do Norte state. Seven trophic guilds were recorded: Detritivore/iliophagous, Insectivorous, Carcinophagous, Piscivorous, Herbivorous and Omnivorous. Through the results, it is observed that the fish species inserted in different environments of the state present the same food pattern, demonstrating flexibility on the diet, prevailing a generalist alimentary habit.(AU)

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