Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Revision of the Chilean species of Empididae (Diptera) described by J. Macquart

A. Rafael, José

Four Chilean species of Empididae (Diptera) are revised: Aplomera pachymera (Macquart, 1838), A. gayi Macquart, 1838, Empis nudipes Macquart, 1838 and E. polita Macquart, 1838. Aplomera chilensis (Bezzi, 1909) was also studied and it is being considered junior synonym of A. pachymera. Empis nudipes Macquart, 1838 is confirmed to be a junior synonym of A. gayi Macquart, 1838. Lectotype is being designated for A. pachymera, A. chilensis and E. polita. Illustration of terminalia and photomicrographs of wings are also included.

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