Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

New records and a new species of Scaphopoda (Mollusca) from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean

Souza, Leonardo SCaetano, Carlos Henrique SScarabino, FabrizioCosta, Paulo Márcio S

The geographical distribution of Bathoxiphus ensiculus (Jeffreys, 1877) and Cadulus platensis Henderson, 1920 is greatly extended based on new records, the former being registered for the first time in the southwestern Atlantic. The type materials of both species are figured and an updated diagnosis of Bathoxiphus Pilsbry & Sharp, 1897 is presented. A new deep-sea species of Cadulus is described, Cadulus victori sp. nov., known from only empty shells collected in the Northeast Brazil (off Alagoas and Bahia states) and distinguished from his congeners mainly by the strongly inflated shell, general outline and dimensions. The present study reinforces that although recent taxonomic revisions have been performed on the Scaphopoda from the southwestern Atlantic, there are still unknown or unrecorded species in museum collections, mostly from poorly sampled areas, especially in the deep sea.(AU)

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