Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 271-271

Suplementação do ácido oleico no dilente seminal sobre o potencial mitocondrial de espermatozoides caprinos criopreservados

BARROS, Filipe NunesCASTELO BRANCO, Marlon de AraújoSANTANA, Misael das VirgensPACHECO, Wallisson Bruno de MoraisSILVA, Jefferson Hallisson Lustosa daNASCIMENTO, Isôlda Márcia Rocha doSOUZA, José Adalmir Torres de

The research aimed to evaluate the antioxidant effect of supplementation of 0.5μM, 5μM and 50μM of oleic acid to the TRIS-yolk extender on the mitochondrial potential (MIT) during the cryopreservation of goat sperm. For that, four Anglo-nubian goats were used, in which five samples / animal were collected, using artificial vagina. After evaluating the swirling and motility of the ejaculates, the pool was made, then diluted in TRIS-Gem and divided according to the treatments. After processing, the samples were packaged in 0.25mL straws and cryopreserved using the TK 3000® machine. After a minimum of 5 days of storage in a cryogenic cylinder, thawing was performed to assess the MIT of goat sperm after cryopreservation, using the lipophilic cationic fluorochrome JC-1. The data were submitted to analysis of variance (ANOVA), using the general linear models procedure (Proc GLM), and the Duncan test was used to compare the averages, with a 5% probability. The analyzes were performed using the Statistical Analysis System program (SAS Institute Inc, 2013). Thus, it was observed that the concentrations of 0.5μM and 5μM of oleic acid maintained the mitochondrial potential similar to the control, differing (p<0.05) only the concentration of 50μM. It can be concluded that 0.5μM and 5μM oleic acid are able to maintain the mitochondrial potential, prolonging the viability of cryopreserved goat sperm.(AU)

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