Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 361-365

Sertolioma em cão com testículo ectópico: achados clínicos, hematológicos, ultrassonográficos e histopatológicos

VASCONCELOS, Juliana GomesANDRADE, Amanda Bricio Pereira deCOLARES, Julia CarrahMAGALHÃES, Francisco Felipe de

Sertoliomas are among the most common testicular neoplasms in dogs, and one of its main risk factors is disorders in the process of testicular dehiscence, which causes the retention of one or both testicles out of the scrotum. Thus, the present study aims to report a case of a tumor of Sertoli cells (Sertolioma) in an ectopic testicle in the right inguinal region in an SRD dog at Hospital Veterinário Sylvio Barbosa Cardoso, of the State University of Ceará. A 5-year-old, non-neutered male canine, SRD, weighing 18 kg, came to attend an increase in the right inguinal region. On physical examination, the presence of a firm mass located in the subcutaneous tissue in the right inguinal region was identified, in addition to absence of right testicle in the scrotal pouch and a left testicle decreased in size and with softened consistency. In ultrasound evaluation, the left testicle was located in usual topography, with regular contours and standard echogenicity. In the right inguinal region, an echogenic image of heterogeneous echotexture was perceived, indicating the presence of an ectopic testis. After bilateral orchiectomy, both parts were referred for histopathological analysis, presenting a benign Sertolioma in the ectopic testis and testicular degeneration in the topical testicle was reported. The case reinforces the importance of bilateral orchiectomy and ultrasound for abdominal and gonadal evaluation of non-neutered males.(AU)

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