Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 148-160

Palpação retal e sua utilização na suinocultura


The main objective of the work was to test the rectal palpation method in the diagnosis of cyclic ovarian structures (small and large follicles, corpus luteum and albicans body), as well as pathologies of the genital system of the sow and later, the comparison of the results with the exam macroscopic examination of genitals of slaughtered animals that were examined prior to slaughter. The examination was done the day before the animals were slaughtered. The vast majority of females behaved with ease, allowing the rectal exam to be done quickly and easily. The method provided an average global accuracy of 83.40% of diagnoses of ovarian structures when compared to the post-mortem examination. Regarding the exam for the diagnosis of pathologies of the genital system of the sow, the average score was 75.64%. In 74.65% of the gilts, it was not possible to palpate the ovaries, while in adult females, the gonads were reached by rectal palpation in 79.21% sows. The results of the exams allowed us to conclude that through rectal palpation it is possible to diagnose several pathologies of the genital system of the sow, as well as ovarian structures allowing a reproductive control of the accompanied herd. Despite the good results, the method should be indicated mainly for adult females, as it was difficult to apply to gilts.(AU)

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