Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 266-270

Morfologia do espermatozoide ovino após resfriamento em diluentes à base de água de coco durante o período chuvoso e seco no Nordeste do Brasil

FIGUEIRÊDO, Emmanuelle Lima deNUNES, José FerreiraCAMPOS, Ana Cláudia NascimentoSOUZA, Priscila Teixeira de

The aim of this work went to evaluate the spermatic morphology of ram semen cooled to 4 °C in nature (INCW) and in powdered coconut water (ACP-102®) during the rainy and dry season in the Northeast of Brazil. The semen of four rams was collected, divided into two fractions and diluted in INCW and ACP-102®. The samples were conditioned in refrigerator to 4 °C and after 2, 24 and 48 hours of cooling were submitted at thermo resistant test (TT). Semen slides were executed in the beginning and in the end of TT to evaluation of the spermatic morphology (SM). The SM parameters, within different preservation times (2, 24 and 48h) and extenders (INCW and ACP-102®), were expressed in media and standard deviation (SD) and submitted to Tukey test (p<0.05). According to the diluted samples in ACP-102®, was observed a percentage increase of morphology normal spermatozoon in the rainy season as was verified in the dry season. In conclusion, the ACP-102® extender present good preserve capacity. Agreed with this study, the raining season did not have influence on the characteristics of spermatic morphology.(AU)

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