Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 352-355

Metástases à distância de tumor venéreo transmissível peniano em cão

GROTH, AlineGREGHI, Julia RodriguesFERNANDES, Maíra PlanzoLEMOS, Gisele Amorim deBRACARENSE, Ana Paula Frederico Rodrigues LoureiroMARTINS, Maria Isabel Mello

Transmissible venereal tumor is a round cell neoplasm caused by the transfer of tumor cells usually during copulation which affects the external genitalia of female and male dogs. Despite the benign character, its potential for malignancy increases in immunocompromised animals and tumors can spread to different parts of the body. Presents a simple diagnosis through cytopathological analysis and treatment consists in chemotherapy with vincristine sulfate as the initial choice, because it is economically viable, well tolerated and effective in most cases. The present study reports the case of a canine, male, SRD, 8 years old, presenting TVT in the penis and foreskin and significant clinical changes. It was submitted to five chemotherapy sessions with a veterinary colleague, but the treatment was not successful. Due to the clinical worsening during hospitalization and the poor prognosis of the case, the tutor opted for euthanasia. During the autopsy, nodules were found in the pancreas, kidneys, inguinal, sacral and illicit lymph nodes, besides the mass in the preputial and inguinal region. All of those were compatible with transmissible venereal tumor lymphocytoid subtype and its metastases. Because few cases of distant metastases from genital tumors were reported, presenting wide systemic involvement and refractory to conventional treatment, we opted for the description of this case.(AU)

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