Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 370-374

Maceração fetal por uso de contraceptivo em gata

MATOS, Yuri GonçalvesSILVA, Iandra Rebouças daSILVA, Jéssica Mara da Costa

The population growth of dogs and cats, stray and domiciled, shows the need for contraceptive methods, aiming at controlling overpopulations and increasing the life expectancy of these animals. However, the inappropriate administration of contraceptives in feline females has been associated with serious pathologies of the reproductive system. This work aims to report the case of fetal retention followed by fetal maceration in a cat submitted to the use of contraceptives based on synthetic progesterone. At the Veterinary Clinic Pet Valle Center, a feline, female, mixed breed, 7-month-old, pregnant, who used injectable contraceptives about 2 months ago. During anamnesis and physical examination, he presented apathy, hyporexia and bloody vaginal discharge. The animal underwent hematological and ultrasound examinations, indicating advanced gestational age, non-viability and fetal degeneration, characterizing the process of fetal maceration. With stabilization and subsequent surgical treatment, removing the organs compromised by the technique of ovariosalpingohisterectomy (OSH), the female had excellent recovery.(AU)

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