Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 342-346

Influência da temperatura testicular sobre os parâmetros espermáticos de suínos mantido em confinamento no Cariri Cearense

LIMA, Sueli de OliveiraSILVA, Paulo Ricardo Vieira daMAIA, Cicero LeandroMACEDO, Juliano dos SantosRIBEIRO, Antônio Lourival AzevedoLIMA, Gabriela Liberalino

The objective of this work is to evaluate the correlation between testicular temperature and seminal quality of boars kept in confinement in the region of Cariri Ceará. In the period from October 19, 2019 to July 14, 2020 with two monthly collections at 7 am, ejaculates were collected from 4 healthy boars of initial age of 20 months, crossbred from the Landrace and Large White breeds, and marked with the following numbers 20, 22, 23 and 24 were evaluated and their testicular temperature was also measured. The collected semen showed whitish color and pasty consistency ith an average volume of 441.25mL, average concentration of 383.3 x106 sperm, average motilityof 95%, average vigor of 4.6, average viability of 70% and functionality of membrane 65.5% indexes those ideals. With Pearson's correlation test it was possible to demonstrate a positive correlation between temperature 31.37 °C with motility and vigor and two with a negative correlation between temperature 31.85 and 30.23 °C and sperm concentration respectively -0.913 and -0.974. It was also possible to show that the parameters did not differ from the average. Concluding that there is a correlation, but we should try to study a little more on the subject.(AU)

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