Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 234-238

Efeitos da vitrificação na preservação morfológica do tecido testicular de gato doméstico

EVANGELISTA, Inara Tayná AlvesCARVALHO, Julyne Vivian Guimarães deTORRES, Elaine Cristina BatistaCRUZ, Rafael Evangelista daRODRIGUES, Ana Paula RibeiroDOMINGUES, Sheyla Farhayldes Souza

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of domestic cats (Felis Catus) testicular parenchyma vitrification by Ovarian Tissue Cryosystem and conventional straw. Three (n=3) adult cats were submitted to routine orchiectomy. For the vitrification, the samples were exposed to equilibrium solution composed by RPMI, containing 20% of ethylene glycol (EG) and 0,1M of sucrose at 20 °C, for 3 minutes. Subsequently, exposed to vitrification solution, containing RPMI added to 40% of EG and 0,1 M of sucrose at 20 °C, for 2 minutes. After devitrification, 10 seminiferous tubules of each treatment were analyzed by histology assay. The viability of spermatic and Sertolicells were analysed with light histology, as well as the seminiferous tubules morphometry. The vitrified groups were inferior to the control group in the morphologically integral cells analysis. However, the OTC was superior to straw in terms of morphological preservation of the germinative cells. Nevertheless, in morphometric analysis there was no statistical difference between the treatments (control, OTC and straw). Therefore, the vitrification in OTC method showed better results than vitrification in straw based on histological evaluation of germ and Sertoli cells of domestic cats.(AU)

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