Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 375-378

Complicações reprodutivas de melanoma em fêmea equina tordilha da raça Mangalarga Marchador

MELO, Bruna Fatori deSANTOS, Mateus CardosoBRANCO, Cibelle Maria de Carvalho CastelloDINIZ, Júlia Helena FrancaVILA-NOVA, Nadja SoaresPALMEIRA, Rodrigo BarbosaCORDÃO, Maíza Araújo

Melanoma is an alteration of melanocytes, cells responsible for skin pigmentation, which allows for unregulated growth, although there is no confirmation about predispositions to this pathology, skin species and white hairs are considered most affected, being especially common in Tordilla colored horses. Although there is a benign form, the case can develop becoming malignant and metastatic in an unpredictable way, and may suffer influence with the advancing age of the horse, with great chances of the tumor becoming aggressive, having high mortality rates, because there is still no effective treatment to combat nodule growth. The aim of the present study was to report a case of melanoma in an equine, female, gray coat, Mangalarga Marchador breed, belonging to Fazenda Escola, Faculty of Nursing Nova Esperança, as well as it possible implications for the reproductive system. In the clinical examination, nodular skin lesions were observed, with firm and painless consistency, located in the regions of the vulva, large lips, oral vestibular of the upper lip and, with the use of vaginoscopy, it was also possible to observe nodules in the vaginal vestibule. Based on these clinical findings, the presumptive diagnosis was melanoma. For a better prognosis, early identification is essential, considering that the later it is done, the greater the possibility of metastasis, reaching subcutaneous regions, cavities and internal organs, compromising physiological functions and being responsible to vaginal obstructions, injuries and decreased fertility, causing great damage to equine reproduction.(AU)

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