Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 161-165

Análise morfométrica da cabeça espermática em Saimiri cassiquiarensis

SOARES, Airton Renan BastosTORRES, Elaine Cristina BatistaSAMPAIO, Wlaisa VasconcelosLEÃO, Danuza LeiteOLIVEIRA, Karol GuimarãesQUEIROZ, Helder LimaDOMINGUES, Sheyla Farhayldes Souza

The objective was to evaluate the sperm morphometry between normal and pathological cells in Saimiri cassiquiarensis aiming at the future use of data in CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis). Semen was collected from a male (S. cassiquiarensis) by electroejaculation. After collection, a smear in the proportion of 1:1 (semen and eosin-nigrosin stain) was performed, and 100 sperm were measured and morphologically classified as normal and pathological defects (major and minor). Of the total sperm analyzed, 48% were classified as normal and 52% pathological. Of the pathologies, the most frequent was a folded tail (40%), followed by a strongly folded tail (5%), curled tail (2%) and isolated head (5%). The morphometric data showed no statistical difference (p<0.05) between normal and pathological defects. This is the first description for the sperm morphometry in Saimiri cassiquiarensis, therefore, from this database, future assessments at CASA can be conducted for this species.(AU)

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