Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 190-194

Análise histológica do segmento sexual renal de Suaçuboia

PINHEIRO, Yago Nazaré AraújoOLIVEIRA, Maria Ermelinda do Espírito SantoAMARAL, Rodrigo de Souza

Corallus hortulanus is a snake with wide geographical distribution and valid ecological importance. However, information about their reproductive biology is scarce and most of the data obtained is from snakes in captivity. Thus, the work aimed to describe the histological aspects of the sexual segment of the kidney (SSK), a specialized part of the kidneys. Therefore, histological analysis and measurement of SSK were performed from 12 specimens of Corallus hortulanus collected in different months of the year. The histological aspects of the SSK observed were similar to those described for other species of snakes and the tubular segments had an average diameter of 76.8 ± 25.6 µm. However, a great variation was observed in the morphological aspects (hypertrophy and presence and disposition of granules) and in the diameter of the tubular segments among the individuals analyzed, apparently related to reproductive seasonality. The results obtained in this study contribute to a greater understanding of the reproductive aspects of C. hortulanus and the possible seasonal variations should be better investigated.(AU)

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