Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 175-178

Observação da fidelidade ao abrigo em Molossus rufus no estado do Rio de Janeiro, sudeste do Brasil

Esbérard, CarlosG. Motta, AdareneM. Oliveira, DéboraF. Areas, AdrieneT. V. Rodrigues, RenataG. Bergallo, Helena

Molossus rufus is an insectivorous species that uses roofs, hollow trees and crevices for refuge. The number of individuals in roosts varies during the year, due to reproduction and dispersion and the permanence period is short each year. The inexistence of long-term studies does not permit to know if bat would return to the same roost for consecutives years. We analyzed the roost fidelity of Molossus rufus in southeastern Brazil for five years. We made a total of 181 captures, including 53 recaptures of adult bats, corresponding to 94 females and 34 males. The females showed intervals between the successive captures of 13,47 + 10,32 months, varying from 3 to 39 months (N = 48). The males showed intervals of 7,4 + 4,56 months, varying from 3 to 15 months (N=5).