Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 157-162

Confinamento de una colonia de Tadarida brasiliensis, una alternativa de manejo compatible con la conservación

Nuñez, A.Regidor, H.Mosa, S.

The Escaba dam is in the southwest of Tucumán province, northwestern of Argentina. The characteristics of the structure of the dam favored the development of a colonial aggregation of Tadarida brasiliensis. The colony is protected and the species is included in the Convention on Conservation to Migratory Wild Animal Species, to which Argentina has adhered in 1991. As an alternative that could make compatible the opposed interests of the conservationists groups and the civil employees in charge of the security of the dam, the colony of bats was relocated and confined to one of the seven inner bays of the structure, without affecting the integrity of the colony. The controlled confinement will facilitate the later tasks of auscultation, indispensable to guarantee the security of the dam, the people, and the material goods and productive activities downstream, and will constitute an alternative of viable handling for the protection of the colony.