Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 95-96

Lichonycteris obscura from Espírito Santo State, Southeastern Brazil

Zortéa, MarlonGregorin, RenatoDavid Ditchfield, Albert

Lichonycteris obscura is a little known species that is rare in nature, poorly represented in collections, and potentially threatened (Taddei & Pedro 1993, Wilson 1996). In fact, this species has recently been included in the official faunal list of Brazilian species threatened with extinction (see Chiroptera Neotropical 4(1): 92- 93). Its distribution includes Central America, from Mexico (Chiapas) to South America, that is Peru, Bolivia and the Amazon Basin (Hill 1985, Alvarez- Castañeda & Alvarez 1991, Koopman 1993). Recently, Taddei & Pedro (1993) registered an occurrence of this species for the Atlantic Forest of Northeastern Brazil, thereby increasing to a considerable degree the species distribution area.