Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1271-1279

Dental anomalies: New cases of Artibeus lituratus from Colombia and a review of these anomalies in bats (Chiroptera)

López-Aguirre, Camlio

Unusual variations in the dentition of mammals have been reported many times, however the understanding of the occurrence and evolution of these anomalies remains mainly unknown due to the lack of a comprehensive approach and compiling information. Dental anomalies in bats are of special interest because the wide range of morphological variation among them specifically at the craniofacial region, findings include the first case of a living mammal with bilateral symmetry that has an asymmetrical dental formula. At the Neotropic, Artibeus lituratus is the bat species with the highest number of records of dental anomalies. In this paper it is reported the first evidence of both polyodontia and oligodontia from a single population of bats, in two individuals of Artibeus lituratus from Colombia. Also, after a deep bibliographical research, compiled data from the last 50 years is presented and analysed and a list of bats species reported with dental anomalies worldwide is presented. The list of bat species with cases of dental anomalies rise to 64 species. It was evident the predominance of insectivorous species, especially from the genus Myotis.(AU)