Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 446-449

First record of the Carriker"s Round-eared Bat (Lophostoma carrikeri; Phyllostominae) in the Cerrado of central Brazil

Zortéa, MarlonD. da Rocha, ZacariasG. Carvalho, HenriqueC. de Oliveira, GreycijaneS. da Mata, Paola

Carrikers Round-eared Bat (Lophostoma carrikeri) is endemic to South America where its known distribution was confined to Amazon Basin of Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Guianas. Recently this species was recorded from the Caatinga biome of Brazil. On June 15, 2007 in a bat survey, an adult male was caught with mist nets in a transition area of dry forest with riparian forest of Cerrado of Central Brazil (municipio Sao Domingo, state of Goias, 13o2511.6S 46o2313.8W, elevation 725 m). The Cerrado Domain is the second largest Brazilian phytogeographic province, occupying originally approximately 24% of Brazil"s land area. This is the first record of this species within the core area of Brazilian Savanna (Cerrado) and represents a significant range extention.