Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 270-278

Expressão da progranulina durante os primeiros estágios de desenvolvimento hepático em ratos Fischer 344

Luna, Arthur C de LPassos, Cristiane CFerreira, Amanda OBateman, AndrewMigliano, Maria AGuerra, Ricarfo R

Transplants are the only effective therapy for the treatment of advanced liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Given the limited number of organ donors, regenerative medicine has sought for sources of cells and tissues for replacement therapy. Embryonic stem cells are a promising source of material for transplantation vecause of their exclusive property of being expanded indefinitely in culture, thus they are a source of replacement tissue. Morcover, they are capable of differentiating into practically all cell types, and may be utilized in replacement therapy in various diseases. The liver bud has bipotent stem cells that gave not yet differentiated into hepatocytes or bibliary duct-cells: however, they have great potential of proliferation and differentiation. Thus, the challenge is to identify methods that promote their differentiation tential of proliferation and and differentiation is specific and functional strains.(AU)

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