Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 367-376

Efeitos comportamentais da exposição aguda ao gliposato em camundongos Balb/c machos e fêmeas

Joaquim, Andréia de OliveiraSpinosa, Helenice de SouzaMacrini, Daclé JulianeRodrigues, Paula AndreottiRicci, Esther LopesArtiolli, Thais SpaggiariMoreira, NatáliaSuffredini, Ivana BarbosaBernardi, Maria Martha

We investigated the behavioral effects induced by an acute exposure to a commercial formulation of glyphosate (GF) in a dose that was about double the concentration of the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) in male and female BALB/c mice. The acute neurotoxicity induced by GF exposure was determined through analysis of general activity, the sensory system, the psychomotor system, the central nervous system and the autonomous nervous system in both male and female mice. The behavioral effects on exploration, anxiety and depression induced by GF exposure were determined with the open field, elevated plus maze and tail suspension tests, respectively. GF induced few signs of acute neurotoxicity. Locomotion in the open field was decreased in only female mice. No signs of anxiety were detected in the plus maze test in both sex, however, a reduced exploration was observed in male mice in this apparatus. In the tail suspension test, both male and female mice showed an increased immobility time. No interaction between sex and treatment was detected. In conclusion, GF exposure at about a dose twice that of the NOAEL induced few signs of neurotoxicity and no sexual dimorphism in all behavioral models employed.(AU)

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