Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 123-127

Transmissible extragenital venereal tumor in impuberal canine

Varela, Yasmin Duarte MateusQueiroz, Genilson Fernandes deFilgueira, Kilder DantasReis, Paulo Fernando Cisneiros da CostaLima, Romeika Karla dos Reis

Transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) is commonly observed in the external reproductive organs of sexually active canines. However, this tumor can unusually be identified in young dogs which have not reached reproductive capacity. In these latter animals, the tumor presentation is located in regions distant from the genitalia as integument and mucous membranes of body cavities. This study aimed to describe a case of TVT in a puppy dog. A seven month old female dog of the Labrador breed, had disseminated nodules in the skin and left conjunctival mucosa. Cytological examination of theproliferation was chosen, which led to the diagnosis of TVT. Since the dog showed no genital lesions, as she was impuberal,this was considered as an extragenital case. Chemotherapy protocol was established with vincristine sulfate, with completeremission of the lesion at the end of the fourth session. Later there was recurrence of the cutaneous TVT, being employedsalvage therapy with vinblastine. However there was tumor resistance to such a drug. Surgical excision of the recurrentlesion was performed. It was demonstrated that TVT may also be adapted to other tissues and affect not only dogs atreproductive age, but also those at the pre-pubertal age.(AU)

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