Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 76-80

Suppurative splenitis in a filly

Daneze, Edmilson RMontello-Neto, Joel SMoraes, Angélica T. BMagalhães, Geórgia MSousa, Brunna L. NChicone, Adriano C. VDias, Deborah P. M

Splenic abscess is an uncommon condition in humans and animals. The present report describes a rare case of suppurative splenitis in a 14-month-old filly, presented with signs of mild colic, depression and hyporexia. After clinical and laboratorial evaluation, a suppurative process of undetermined location was suspected. Medical therapy and supportive care were initiated, general condition has degraded in few days, and a paracentesis was performed diagnosing peritonitis. Given the poor prognosis, euthanasia was elected. At necropsy, multiple splenic abscess and diffuse peritonitis were identified. The etiology was not determined.(AU)

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