Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 59-63

Manifestations of cyclical flank alopecia in a dog from Southern Brazil

A. Gomes, LucasC. Sonoda, MárciaBortolucci, LígiaWerner, JulianaA. Headley, Selwyn

Canine cyclical flank alopecia is an uncommon dysplastic cutaneous disease described predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere. This condition is associated with recurrent hair-loss and subsequent hair regrowth at the lateral flank folds and other regions of the body. Diagnosis is based on characteristic histological findings with the exclusion of hormonal-related cutaneous diseases. This report describes a similar condition that occurred in a dog from Southern Brazil during three consecutive years. However, alopecia initiated during winter to spring with subsequent hair regrowth in summer. Histopathology of cutaneous biopsy revealed atrophy of hair follicles without an associated inflammatory reaction or the participation of infectious agents. The clinical manifestations associated with histopathological findings of this dog are suggestive of cyclical flank alopecia, but with an inverted occurrence of alopecia.

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