Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Genetic characterization, evaluation of growth and production of biomass of strains from wild edible mushrooms of Lyophyllum of Central Mexico

Arana-Gabriel, YolandaBurrola-Aguilar, CristinaGaribay-Orijel, RobertoMatías-Ferrer, NoemíFranco-Maass, SergioMata, Gerardo

Abstract The present study conducted a genetic characterization and determined growth rate and biomass production in solid and liquid media, using strains obtained from wild edible sporomes of Lyophyllum that grow in high mountains. Vegetative isolation was used to obtain a total of four strains, which were divided into two clades within the section Difformia: Lyophyllum sp. and Lyophyllum aff. shimeji. Growth rate and biomass production were influenced by both the culture media and the strains. In a potato dextrose agar medium, the strains presented a higher growth rate, while in a malt extract-peptone and yeast agar medium, the growth rate was lower, but with a higher biomass production that was equal to that in the malt extract-peptone and yeast liquid medium.

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