Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 13-15

Genome sequence of Streptomyces mangrovisoli MUSC 149T isolated from intertidal sediments

Ser, Hooi-LengTan, Wen-SiAb Mutalib, Nurul-SyakimaYin, Wai-FongChan, Kok-GanGoh, Bey-HingLee, Learn-Han

As the largest genus in Actinobacteria family, Streptomyces species have the ability to synthesize numerous compounds of diverse structures with bioactivities. Streptomyces mangrovisoli MUSC 149T was previously isolated as a novel streptomycete from mangrove forest in east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The high quality draft genome of MUSC 149T comprises 9,165,825 bp with G + C content of 72.5%. Through bioinformatics analysis, 21 gene clusters identified in the genome were associated with the production of bioactive secondary metabolites. The presence of these biosynthetic gene clusters in MUSC 149T suggests the potential exploitation of the strain for production of medically important compounds.(AU)

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