Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 610-616

Ligninolytic fungus Polyporus sp. S133 mediated metabolic degradation of fluorene

Lazim, Zainab MatHadibarata, Tony

This study aimed to investigate the impact of nonionic surfactants on the efficacy of fluorine degradation by Polyporus sp. S133 in a liquid culture. Fluorene was observed to be degraded in its entirety by Polyporus sp. S133 subsequent to a 23-day incubation period. The fastest cell growth rate was observed in the initial 7 days in the culture that was supplemented with Tween 80. The degradation process was primarily modulated by the activity of two ligninolytic enzymes, laccase and MnP. The highest laccase activity was stimulated by the addition of Tween 80 (2443 U/L) followed by mixed surfactant (1766 U/L) and Brij 35 (1655 U/L). UV-vis spectroscopy, TLC analysis and mass spectrum analysis of samples subsequent to the degradation process in the culture medium confirmed the biotransformation of fluorene. Two metabolites, 9-fluorenol (max 270, tR 8.0 min and m/z 254) and protocatechuic acid (max 260, tR 11.3 min and m/z 370), were identified in the treated medium.(AU)

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