Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 294-301

Concentration, characterization and application of lipases from Sporidiobolus pararoseus strain

Smaniotto, AlessandraSkovronski, AlineRigo, ElisandraTsai, Siu MuiDurrer, AdemirFoltran, Lillian LivaParoul, NatáliaLuccio, Marco DiOliveira, J. VladimirOliveira, Débora deTreichel, Helen

Lipases produced by a newly isolated Sporidiobolus pararoseus strain have potential catalytic ability for esterification reactions. After production, the enzymatic extracts (conventional crude and precipitated, 'CC' and 'CP', and industrial crude and precipitated, 'IC' e 'IP') were partially characterized. The enzymes presented, in general, higher specificity for short chain alcohols and fatty acids. The precipitated extract showed a good thermal stability, higher than that for crude enzymatic extracts. The 'CC' and 'CP' enzymes presented high activities after exposure to pH 6.5 and 40 ºC. On the other hand, the 'IC' and 'IP' extracts kept their activities in a wide range of pH memory but presented preference for higher reaction temperatures. Preliminary studies of application of the crude lipase extract in the enzymatic production of geranyl propionate using geraniol and propionic acid as substrates in solvent-free system led to a reaction conversion of 42 ± 1.5%.(AU)

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