Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 35-42

Comparison of the efficiency between two sampling plans for aflatoxins analysis in maize

Mallmann, Adriano OlneiMarchioro, AlexandroOliveira, Maurício SchneiderRauber, Ricardo HummesDilkin, PauloMallmann, Carlos Augusto

Variance and performance of two sampling plans for aflatoxins quantification in maize were evaluated. Eight lots of maize were sampled using two plans: manual, using sampling spear for kernels; and automatic, using a continuous flow to collect milled maize. Total variance and sampling, preparation, and analysis variance were determined and compared between plans through multifactor analysis of variance. Four theoretical distribution models were used to compare aflatoxins quantification distributions in eight maize lots. The acceptance and rejection probabilities for a lot under certain aflatoxin concentration were determined using variance and the information on the selected distribution model to build the operational characteristic curves (OC). Sampling and total variance were lower at the automatic plan. The OC curve from the automatic plan reduced both consumer and producer risks in comparison to the manual plan. The automatic plan is more efficient than the manual one because it expresses more accurately the real aflatoxin contamination in maize.(AU)

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