Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Hydrolytic potential of a psychrotrophic Pseudomonas isolated from refrigerated raw milk

Paula F. Corrêa, AnaJ. Daroit, DanielV. Velho, RenataBrandelli, Adriano

The production of extracellular hydrolases by a psychrotrophic bacterium isolated from refrigerated raw milk, and identified as a Pseudomonas sp. belonging to the Pseudomonas jenssenii group, was studied. This bacterium produced proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes in all media investigated (skim milk, cheese whey, casein broth, and tryptone soy broth). High levels of -glucosidase were produced in skim milk broth. Hydrolytic enzymes detected in skim milk broth are of particular concern, indicating that these enzymes could be produced by Pseudomonas sp. during the cold storage of raw milk, contributing to the spoilage problem in milk and dairy products.

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