Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 262-272

Análise da cadeia produtiva da cultura de camarão marinho no sul do Brasil

Freitas, Rodrigo Randow deMartins, Nietzsche GschwendtnerPoersch, Luis Henrique da Silva

This study aims to identify, describe, and analyze the main links of the marine shrimp culture production chain in the extreme south of Brazil, specifically in the Rio Grande and São José do Norte municipalities, Rio Grande do Sul state. The research was carried out through prior bibliographic, in loco research and the application of interviews and questionnaires to identify the entire local productive process from the inputs needed for production to the arrival at the final consumer. The results indicate that the production chain requires actions in the process until the product’s final commercialization. Even as a growing market in Brazil, more investments, better support from the Government for the installation of new farmers, a reduction of bureaucracy in public agencies, training of actors involved in production, and some other points identified in this study can help decision makers, inherent to the activity, to establish sustainable production strategies aimed at lasting and full development of local shrimp production.(AU)

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