Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Unidade móvel para cultivo de anaeróbicos mobile unit for anaerobic culture

Francisco Hofling, J.

It has beco me clear in recent years that anaerobic bacteria are important causes of many different types of infection. Any type of bacterial infection in humans may involve anaerobes. Holding and transporting specimens containing anaerobes in transport media, saline, or culture media may often lead to loss of viabilityof obligate anaerobes and to the overgrowth of facultatively anaerobic organisms from mixed culture infections. The holding-transport procedure now recommended by most pattern anaerobic laboratories is to place ali.sp~cimens into steriJe, dry, oxygen-free, CO2-filled stoppered tubes and to hold it at room temperature. Alternatively, specimens should be cultured immediately. The present work describes an alternative equipment to be used as a mobile unit for anaerobicculture which may be moved into hospital room, operatory or wherever necessary to obtain clinical specimens for laboratory study utilizing the pre-reduced media and techniques recommended by the anaerobic pattern laboratories.

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