Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Breeding system in Schlumbergera truncata (How) Mor. (Cactaceae), Jundiaí-SP

Regina Salla, ValériaAntônio de Figueiredo, Rodolfo

The breeding system of the epiphytic cactus are little known. This study was the first made in Brazil, to verify the existence of self-incompatibility in Schlumbergera truncata. This cactus is used ornamentally and the study was carried out in a urban district in Jundiaí SP. Hand pollination was done to test self-pollination and outcrossing, and flowers were maintained as control. None of the self-pollinated flowers did developed fruits and seeds; while 92.3% of outcrossed flowers only one control flower developed fruit, indicating that in urban habitats the pollination is difficult. Truncata shows self-incompatibility; the breeding system being obligatorily outcrossed. The reproduction of S. truncata inside cities would only be possible through cross-pollination mediated by hummingbirds. Key words: Schlumbergera truncata, Cactaceae, breeding system, Brazil, morphology.

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