Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Analise populacional e morfometrica em uma colonia de Agelaia vicina (De saussure, 1854) na fase reprodutiva

Ligia Letizio Machado, VeraCurado, Katia

Populational analysis of oneAge/aia vicinacolony showed that it is polyginical in reprodutive stage, a similar mode for most neotropical Epiponini. A statistical analysis of 12 characters showed significant d1fferences among the two castes (workers and queens). Most of these characters were arger in the queens. Other morfological differences between castes were recognized in head, mandibles and gaster. Five larval instars were found for this species and the capsules of the head in larvae grows at constant rate of 1,39, in accordance with Dyar"s rule. Key words: Caste dífferences, Epiponini, Polymorfism, Vespidae.

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