Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Altura do epitélio da tuba uterina normal e patológica de porcas nas fases folicular e luteínica

Sant'Ana, F.J.F.Nascimento, E.F.Nogueira, J.C.Serakides, R.

The aim of this work was to perform a morphometric analysis of the uterine tube epithelium of sexually mature sows, with or without pathological changes. The sows were either in follicular or luteal phases. One hundred and twenty-four uterine tubes of sixty-two sows were obtained from slaughterhouses. Sections of the uterine tube, uterus and ovary were processed for morphometrical evaluation. The uterine tubes were divided into four groups. The first (LSP) group was composed by animals in luteal phase without pathological changes (n=45), the second (LCP) by animals in luteal phase with pathological changes (n=19), the third (FSP) by animals in follicular phase without pathological changes (n=45) and the fourth (FCP) by animals in follicular phase with pathological changes (n=15). In the follicular phase (FSP), the ampulla had a higher epithelium, followed by the infundibulum and the isthmus (P 0.05). Tubal epithelium was higher in the animals of FSP and FCP groups when compared to LSP and LCP, suggesting that estrogens influence epithelial height. In the isthmus, there were significant differences between FSP and LSP groups (P 0.05). These results indicate that the porcine uterine tube epithelium changes its height during the estrous cycle. The epithelial height does not appear to be influenced by tubarian pathologies.

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