Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Perfil de isolamento e resistência a antimicrobianos de Fusobacterium spp. isolados do sulco gengival eqüino

Silva, I.N.G.Pinheiro, A.Q.Rocha, M.M.N.P.Carvalho, C.B.M.

A total of 30 strains of Fusobacterium sp. isolated from gengival sulcus of 28 equines was studied in the period between January/1997 and April/1998. Bacterial isolation and antimicrobial resistance were determined by biochemical analyses and by the disk elution method. The species most frequently isolated was Fusobacterium nucleatum. The following resistance rates were observed: 10% for penicillin G, 87% for eritromycin, and 97% for sulfonamide. Theses results emphasize the need for monitoring the susceptibility patterns of this important bacterial group frequently isolated from normal sites in equines.

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