Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1618-1622

Efeito do transporte de péletes sobre sua qualidade

Cardeal, P. CRocha, J. S. RFerreira, H. CSantos, C. HPompeu, M. ACunha, C. EBaião, N. CLara, L. J. C

The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of pellets from the end of the pelletizer machine until the end of the line feed plate, using two methods of analysis: pellet durability index (PDI) and EMBRAPA pelletizing method (MEP). Furthermore, the effect of the discharging methods at the broiler farm on the physical quality of pellets using MEP as a method of analysis was evaluated. The first phase of the experiment was a randomized block with six treatments: A - pellets at the end of the pelletizer machine; B - pellets inside the truck; C - truck's discharging at the feed silo; D - place inside the warehouse after the feed silo; E - the middle of the feed plate line and F - the end of the feed plate line. The experiment was carried out in seven replicates (blocks). The second phase of the experiment was a randomized block with two treatments: A - smaller discharge opening (for pellets feed); B - bigger discharge opening (for mashed feed). The experiment was performed with twelve replicates (blocks). The discharge of the pellets feed at broilers farm is the point that worsens the pellets quality. The discharge of pellets feed by the truck should be done with the bigger discharge opening. Moreover, MEP showed to be a better method than PDI to evaluate the integrity of the pellets for broiler chickens.(AU)

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