Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1611-1614

Desvio para a esquerda associado a compartimento medular de reserva dos neutrófilos não esgotado em cadelas portadoras de piometra

Paes, P. R. OAndrade, M. G. M. GLeme, F. O. PVeloso, L. BPereira, R. D. OMalm, CMelo, M. MSilva, N. A. M

From fifteen female dogs with clinical diagnoses of pyometra, hematological exams were performed at three times: M0 (prior to the surgery), M24 (24h after ovarysalpingohisterectomy-OSH) and M48 (48h after OSH). Anemia was seen in 80% of the cases, characterized as mild normocytic normochromic type. The means of total leukocyte counts were 27.043, 57.940 and 40.139 céls/µL in M0, M24 and M48. A total of80% of the animals presented neutrophilic left shift in all moments. During medullar exams, the cellular, iron reserve and megakaryocytic concentration were raised as well as the ME ratio, showing a value of 26,3:1,0, probably due to the elevation of granular proliferation and maturation compartment, as the mean of the reserve compartment was within normal range. As 83% of the animals with neutrophilic left shift showed a melullary reserve compartment raised, it can be concluded that female dogs with piometra had left shift of neutrophils with disproportionally between compartments, without segmented medullar saturation.(AU)

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