Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Prevalência da infecção por Toxoplasma gondii em galinhas criadas extensivamente em Rio Bonito, Rio de Janeiro

Casartelli-Alves, L.Ferreira, L.C.Vicente, R.T.Millar, P.R.Oliveira, R.V.C.Amendoeira, M.R.R.Schubach, T.M.P.Menezes, R.C.

The prevalence of T. gondii infection was investigated in free-range chickens for human consumption in the county of Rio Bonito, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thus, a search for antibodies to T. gondii by indirect fluorescent antibody test was done in the serum of 220 chickens from twenty two farms. Titres equal or greater than 16 were considered positive. The prevalence of toxoplasmic infection found in chickens was 27.6% (61/220). There were positive cases in eighteen (77.2%) farms. The more frequent titre was 16 (12.5%) and the highest was 4096 (0.4%). The high prevalence of T. gondii in chickens and the high percentage of farms with positive cases indicate environmental contamination in the studied area showing the possibility of human and animal infection.

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