Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1003-1006

Osteossíntese de tibiotarso com miniplaca de titânio em Arara Canindé (Ara ararauna)

Dal-Bó, I. SAlievi, M. MSilva, L. MGouvêa, A. SMucillo, M. SSantos, E. OBeck, C. A. C

Among the surgical problems of birds, fractures are the most prevalent, and the long bones of the wings and pelvic limbs are the most frequently affected. The success of orthopedic surgery in birds is directly related to the techniques used to undo the mechanical forces of a fracture. At the veterinary teaching hospital a psitacid from the Ara ararauna (blue-and-yellow-macaw) species with a clinical history of trauma in the cage was treated. Craniocaudal and lateral radiographs of the left limb demonstrated a mid-diaphyseal fracture of the tibiotarsus. The bird was sent to surgery. The patient was anesthetized with isufluorane and for the pre-anesthesic medicacion methadone was administrated. A medial surgical approach to the tibiotarsus was made and fracture reduction was performed. The fracture was stabilized through a titanium miniplate (system 2mm) fixed medially on the tibiotarsus with 6 cortical miniscrews, being 3 proximal and 3 distal to the fracture site. In this case, there was no complication in placing the miniplate and miniscrews, resulting in a satisfactory alignment of the fragments and causing an efficient reduction of the diaphyseal fracture of tibiotarsus with functional return of the limb and bone consolidation.(AU)

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