Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1015-1017

Ultrassonografia e histopatologia renal em cães

Carvalho, A. P. MSalavessa, C. MSilveira, L. S

The kidneys are the organs responsible for maintaining the hydro-electrolytic equilibrium of the organism. There are several diseases that can affect these organs, causing changes and may be one of the causes of death in clinical routine. The ultrasound is the main diagnostic method to detect changes in the kidneys because it is noninvasive and allow the assessment of the size and the renal parenchyma. The histopathology is essential for confirmation of the diagnosis, and it was performed and compared with the ultrasound examination, so the degree of compatibility between ultrasound and pathological diagnostic methods could be analyzed. Twenty-one dogs were used in the experiment. After the ultrasound, the animals were autopsied for removal of the kidneys. The kidneys were fixed in 10% formalin, processed and observed by light microscopy. The findings were 52% in ultrasound examination and 81% in histological examination. The index of compatibility between the two tests was 66%, which confirmed the literature data that describe the ultrasound examination as the best method of non-invasive diagnosis for renal disorders.(AU)

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