Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 993-997

Hemograma e bioquímica sérica auxiliar em bezerros mestiços neonatos e ocorrência de enfermidades

Rengifo, S. ASilva, R. ABotteon, R. C. C. MBotteon, P. T. L

Packed cell volume, hematimetry, hemoglobin, total leukocyte, total plasmatic protein, fibrinogen, iron, and ferritin values were evaluated in 26 calves on days 1, 15, 30, and 56 after birth. In addition, calves were also observed during the parturition date. The data were evaluated according to disorders noticed by daily monitoring. Seventeen calves (65.4%) exhibited clinical signs and nine did not get ill. The main illnesses were diarrhea and omphalitis. Erythrogram, leukogram, plasmatic proteins, and fibrinogen were within the reference ranges, although a meaningful variation was observed relating age and fibrinogen. Individually, seven (26.9%) calves were anemic at birth. Moreover, anemia was also noticed in eight (30.7%) five-day-old animals and 15 (68.2%) and 11 (42.3%) animals on days 15 and 30, respectively. The parameters recorded in the cows were within the medium range and close to the calves. Thirteen (54.2%) cows presented packed cell volume and/or hematimetry under the normal ranges. Plasmatic iron was normal to the cows (139μg/dL) and also to the calves (110μg/dL). On the other side, ferritin was normal for calves (476μg/dL) and below the range for cows (259μg/dL). If is concluded that the high index disorders between calves was not related to the evaluated parameters.(AU)

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