Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 515-519

Radiologia do intestino delgado de cães por meio da técnica de duplo-contraste

Rausch, S. FGodoy, C. L. BSchmidt, CPellegrini, L. CVeiga, D. CKrolikowski, GWolle, L. BOliveira, A. N. C

Radiographic exams still the main form to evaluate small bowel in all its extension, and when surveyprojections are not diagnostic, barium series are used although its sensibility can be imitated by filledoverlapped loops, difficulting detailed mucosa visualization. The objective of this study was to adjust anexam technique with intestinal double-contrast, based on techniques used in the human medicine, whichresulted satisfactorily in the demonstration of the mucosal surface in the 30 dogs submitted to the exam.The double-contrast in the lumen was achieved by a combination of a positive contrast medium,recovering the mucosal surface, and a negative filling the lumen. Ambient air and carboximethylcelullosewere the negative contrast medium tested and both were radiographicaly similar.(AU)

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