Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1557-1559

Freqüência da displasia coxofemoral em cães da raça Pastor Alemão

Barros, G. SVieira, G. L. TVianna, L. RTôrres, R. C. S

One hundred twenty-three radiographs of German Shepherd dogs (47 females and 76 males) from Military Police of Minas Gerais State were studied from April 2001 to july 2004, with the purpose of establishing the frequency and asymmetry of hip displasia. The radiographs were taken with the animals in the ventrodorsal position, with the limbs parallel and the pelvis symmetric. The average age of the dogs was 33.8±23.5 months-old. The study indicated that 89.4 percent of them had hip dysplasia (91.5 percent of females and 88.2 percent of males), being 6.3 percent unilateral, 17.3 percent bilateral asymmetric, and 76.4 percent bilateral symmetric. The frequency of hip displasia in the studied population was high, indicating the necessity of an efficient control program of the disease.(AU)

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