Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 513-516

Atividade in vitro do óleo essencial de Origanum vulgare frente à Sporothrix Schenckii

Cleff, M. BMeinerz, A. R. MSchuch, L. F. DRodrigues, M. R. AMeireles, M. C. AMello, J. R. B

In vitro activity of the essential oil Origanum vulgare against Sporothrix schenckii was determined by the MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration). For this, seven samples of S. schenckii were studied, two isolated from two cases of human sporotrichosis and five isolated from cats. Analysis of the essential oil was carried out in a gas chromatograph (GC/FID) for the identification and quantification of thymol and carvacrol (antifungal agents). MIC was obtained based on the microdilution method according to the adapted document NCCLS-M 27A2 for fitopharmacy. All the isolates presented sensibility to the essential oil. S. schenckii was inhibited in a concentration of 0.25 percent (250m l/ml). Chromatographic analysis showed that thymol concentration was bigger than carvacrol. The antifungal activity demonstrated by the essential oil of O. vulgare against S. Schenckii stimulates the accomplishment of more studies, including in vivo studies.(AU)

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